Human Resources Fax Number: 
(562) 944-6901
What to Know Before Considering Retirement (Classified): 
Confidentiality Agreement (Must be filled out and submitted to HR annually)
Evaluation Forms
Supervisors, for Word version, please email HR office. Certificated substitute evaluations are to be completed through Frontline (formerly known as AESOP).
Family and Medical Leave Act Documents
Substitute Timesheet
Open the link below, make a copy (File>Make Copy), fill out and share with your supervisor and payroll for signature and processing. (Signatures of both the employee and supervisor are required for processing. You may sign this document electronically by typing your name in the signature field).
Classified Vacation Request
College Credit Form
CDE Educator Evaluation System
California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP)
Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CTC)
When renewing a credential, you must select Los Angeles County as your county of employment or your renewal will not register with LACOE/SWSD.
Teacher Observations

Questions to Consider

  • What information should be shared during the pre-observation meeting?
  • Why is it essential to have a "back-up plan" for your lesson?
  • How self-reflective and open to constructive criticism is the teacher during the post-observation?
Voluntary Transfer Form
Parent Letter 
Employee Handbook 
Uniform Complaint Procedures
FERPA, HIPAA + Confidentiality Training