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School Plan for Student Achievement

In an effort to reduce redundancies at the local level, the templates for the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and the School Plan for Student Achievement (School Plan) have been designed to work together. The LCAP is a local educational agency (LEA) level planning document with a three-year timeline, while the School Plan is specific to a school site with a one-year term. The School Plan identifies and addresses the instructional needs of students and specifies how categorical funds provided through the Consolidated Application will be used to accomplish the goals outlined in the plan. State guidelines require that the SPSA must include:
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment Components
  • Stakeholder Involvement
  • School and Student Performance Data
  • Goals, Strategies, and Proposed Expenditures
  • Planned Strategies and Activities
  • Program Evaluation 
  • Budget Summary
State regulations require that the School Site Council (SSC) be the group responsible for developing and revising the SPSA in collaboration with the site instructional leadership team. Ongoing consultation with site advisory groups about student performance data, student needs, identified goals, appropriate interventions/preventions, and associated budgets is an integral part of the development and monitoring of the SPSA. (Ed Code 64001)
Please click on the corresponding link to view your school's SPSA. For questions regarding your school's report, please contact your school principal.