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WeTip's School Safety Program


The South Whittier School District is a member of the WeTip program. WeTip is an anonymous, national crime tip program. Using the 800 hotline number, students, staff, and neighbors may anonymously report school crime.


WeTip's mission is to protect children from crime and criminals…..


WeTip and the ways to be proactive in creating a safer school environment using WeTip.

 WHAT IS WeTip? The WeTip crime hotline is a resource for people who have information about a crime, but are afraid to tell anyone. When someone calls WeTip, no one asks them who they are or where they live. The WeTip operator asks some questions to find out about the crime and who committed it. The operator will give the caller a number so that they can call back if they find out more information.


If you have information on a crime you can call the WeTip hotlines 24 hours a day, you will remain completely anonymous. You can also Submit a tip through the WeTip Online Tip Form.



The WeTip School Safety Programs deals with:

  • School arson fires 
  • Weapons on campus 
  • Child molestation and pornography 
  • Drug sales and trafficking at their schools 
  • Gang violence 
  • Graffiti  
  • Violent crimes 
  • Vandalism 
  • Vehicle theft
HOW DOES IT WORK? WeTip hotlines are answered by bilingual tip operators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls are taken on all crimes affecting schools and the communities surrounding schools. All calls are anonymous, not just confidential. No one will ever know who made the call ...Not us... Not ever!

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? When a call is taken, a case number is assigned to the tipster. If the informants have more information, they can call back and give that number to add information to their original tip. The tipster is then asked if they are interested in a reward in case there is an arrest and a conviction. If they are interested in a reward, they are given a code name. This is the name they use when they pick up their reward..




If the person who was turned in is arrested and found guilty, then a reward of up to $1,000 is offered to the tipster. The reward is paid at the post office where the person who gave the tip can receive the cash reward money by giving the code name that was given them when the tip was first given.


WeTip has been welcomed and praised by school officials as a resource to use when a school has been affected by crime, as well as a tool to prevent and deter crime in schools. WeTip signs and posters are a visible warning that schools have zero tolerance for crime.


In 1986 WeTip joined forces with the insurance industry by creating a partnership with Coregis Insurance Group to combat Arson fires that were devastating California Schools. The program quickly expanded to include thousands of schools and several school insurers nationwide.


In 1994 as a result of requests from many school districts all over the United States, WeTip designed a new facet of the School Safety Program entitled "Save Our Schools." ( S.O.S.) Weapons in schools had become a problem of epidemic proportions. WeTip took action to help stop the problem. The zero tolerance of weapons in schools may be a key to stopping most of the crime and violence that engulfs high schools, junior high schools, and is currently creeping into our elementary schools.


More than three million crimes are committed each year in and around the 8,500 public schools in the United States. The children committing these crimes have become progressively younger. Children are claiming that they MUST be armed to protect themselves and so the problem grows. Crimes have become more and more violent. School violence is of grave concern to parents, school officials, and teachers.