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South Whittier Students Receive Free Hearing Screening

South Whittier School District students received free hearing screenings this month at their schools through Arcadia Audiometric Associates, Inc.


Arcadia Audiometric Associates, Inc. is an outside agency that comes to test students. They have a portable screening facility that has the ability to drive to each school.


“This is a mandated test that needs to be completed each year per the state of California for TK/ Kinder, Special Ed, 2nd, 5th and 8th grade students only,” Araceli Segovia, South Whittier School District’s RN, explained. 


“If teachers are concerned with students in other grades, those students may be included as well.”


During the screening students are brought into the screening area where they step into their own booth. There they put on the headsets and are instructed to raise their hand every time they hear a beeping sound and to put their hand down when the beeping stops. There is a specialist that monitors the students while they take the test and documents the results.


This screening was available to students district-wide and is funded by the district. This test is very beneficial for our students because it allows the state, as well as the district, to see who may be in need of any special services so that each student can receive the services necessary for them to succeed.