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Monte Vista & Los Altos Parents Graduate From PIQE Program

Monte Vista and Los Altos Elementary parents who participated in the PIQE program took part in a graduation ceremony on Wednesday, December 12, at Los Altos.


The Parent Institute of Quality Education, or better known as PIQE, program engages with parents to empower and transform them to be active in their child’s education. It teachers parents the knowledge and skills to be able to partner with their child’s school and community to ensure their children achieve their full potential. PIQE holds strong values including; knowledge is power, take responsibility, and respect families by honoring and valuing parent participation and perspective. 


The graduation ceremony began with Los Altos principal, Genevieve Silebi, and Monte Vista principal, Andrea Larios, welcoming and congratulating parents. They both spoke of great admiration and appreciation towards parents for their efforts, time, and accomplishments through this program.


“What you’ve done these past few weeks lays a foundation for your children,” Larios shared.


They then invited several parent speakers to share about their experiences. Lastly, Martha Adams, PIQE Associate Director, spoke to parents encouraging them to put the knowledge they’ve learned from this program into action.


“Facilitators have provided you with tools, but they didn’t just give them to you, they showed you how to use them,” said Adams. “Studies show when parents get involved in their children’s education they do better in school. So now the real work begins.”


After Mrs. Adams spoke to graduation attendees, Adams and principals, Larios and Silebi, presented all parent participants with their certificates of completion. 


“Thank you for your time and effort and dedication to your children,” Silebi stated. “Like Martha said earlier, now the real work begins.”