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New Visitor & Procedure Policies To Be Implemented At South Whittier Schools

South Whittier School District will be implementing new visitor policies and procedures beginning January 7 to ensure a welcoming and safe environment for students and staff members.

The new visitor procedure will utilize the newly installed video buzzer that is located at school entrances. Office personnel will verify the reason for the visit before opening the door and will ask for proof of identification of all campus visitors.

Once permitted inside the office, visitors will complete an electronic visitor registration form. The form includes information like name, purpose for entering school grounds, age, if under 21 years old, and any other information that is consistent with the law. 

The new visitor policies that will be implemented include assuring that visits made during school hours are arranged with a principal or designee in advance. Visits that involve conferences with a teacher or principal should be scheduled during non-instructional hours, and the principal or designee may refuse to register a visitor if they feel the individual’s presence or acts will disrupt the school, students, or employees. 

The goal of these new policies is to create a safe environment for students and staff, minimize interruption of instruction, and provide the best customer service possible to visitors.

“We still want the campuses to be a welcoming place,” Superintendent of Business Services, Mark Keriakous, shared. “But want to ensure the safety of our students and staff.”

The Board of Trustees believes that it is important for parents, guardians, and community members to take interest in issues that affect students. They also encourage parents and guardians to visit schools and participate in educational programs.