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Monte Vista Students Become Environmental Defenders

Monte Vista Elementary got a visit form the Environmental Defenders on Thursday, October 25, to encourage them to reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink.


The assembly called, Rock the Planet, focused on environmental problems and simple solutions that students can take to help reduce pollution. It also focused on recycle, reduce, reuse, rethink, stormwater pollution prevention, household hazardous waste, and water conservation. The leaders shared with students ways to properly dispose of household hazardous waste and resources they can use to find out about events or locations to take their waste so that it is properly and safely disposed. 


The assembly was music driven and included a lot of audience participation from students. Monte Vista students were very excited to participate and engage with the leaders. Some students went up to the front of the assembly to help lead others in a dance to a song about recycling. 


The leaders from the Environmental Defenders closed the assembly by encouraging students to take the pledge to be Environmental Defenders themselves and gave them resources and games that encourage safe and thoughtful disposal. They also gave information to teachers about resources they can use to be thoughtful about recycling in their own classroom. 


The Environmental Defenders program is sponsored by the Los Angeles Department of Public Works that offers free school assemblies and resources to help teach students about important environmental lessons. The assembly is free for school located in Los Angeles County.


For more information about the Environmental Defenders: