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McKibben Elementary Implements The House System

New McKibben principal, Jan Tyrone, implemented The House System at an assembly at McKibben on Friday, August, 17, to assist positive behavior support and help build communities that extend beyond a student’s grade level. 


The House System is a system made up of groups of students across different grade levels, there is the Emerald House, Garnet House, Turquoise House, and Amethyst House. Every student at McKibben is assigned to a particular house. Each house will meet at least one time a month to discuss different topics, build community, and support one another.


Mrs. Tyrone introduced The House System to students and explained that it is named The House because, “at your house is where you feel most comfortable and the most loved.” This is one of the primary focuses of this new system, to help promote a space for students to feel comfortable to talk about different topics and issues with their leaders and other students in their school community.


At the assembly Mrs. Tyrone read each students name and assigned them to their House. They were able to go over to their House’s section and write their name on their banner. After all students were assigned to their House, they had time to get to know each other. They met their leaders, introduced themselves to one another, and played games that helped build connections and form their House System community.


This House System is in supports of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support, or PBIS. PBIS is a school-wide discipline to support appropriate student behavior and create a positive school environment.