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SWSD Provides Summer School Program at Loma Vista Elementary

South Whittier School District’s summer school program is taking place all through the month of June at Loma Vista Elementary providing instruction and a variety of activities for South Whittier students.


South Whittier students entering into first grade through sixth grade are taking part in the summer school program. Teachers are providing students with English Language Arts and Math instruction. Students are also able to participate in different activities. 


In the morning students are in their instructional class until 11 am, then they transition into their chosen activity. Some of the activities are educational while others are focused on physical education. Loma Vista has Imagine Learning, P.E., a nutrition course, and a folkloric class.


The Imagine Learning class takes place in the computer lab and provides each student with an individual learning path they are able to participate in on the computers. The nutrition course that is offered is taught by The Whole Child, which is a non-profit organization located in Whittier, and focuses on teaching students the importance of nutrition, the different food groups, and how to make healthy dietary choices.


The activities that are focused on physical education are P.E. and folklorico. The P.E. activity takes place outside on the field and is full of games and a variety of sports for students to play. There is also the folkloric class that teaches students new dances which takes place in the multi-purpose room.