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South Whittier School District Implements Measure QS Summer Projects

South Whittier School District will be implementing and planning projects at various schools in the district this summer as a part of their Measure QS projects.


The district has two phrases of projects that they are working on this summer. The first is an implementation phase. These are projects that they plan to begin working on this summer. The second is a development phrase which is the planning with engineers and architects on new projects. The work on those projects will likely begin at a later time.


All projects the district has listed are contingent on a successful bid, which includes the availability of contractors and a competitive price within the budget.


Implementation Phase - Projects that will begin this summer.

·         Widening of gate at Loma Vista.

·         Tree removal at Lake Marie for continued “curb appeal” efforts.

·         Space alterations for Graves Middle School for new staff and possible Culinary Arts Program.

·         Major remodel project to the administration office at Los Altos.

·         Major remodel project to the administration office at Lake Marie.

·         Outdoor PA capabilities District-Wide. (IT)

·         Free-standing two-sided marquee at Carmela and McKibben.

·         District Office front entrance, addition of gate for a single point of entry.

·         Strike lock (buzzer) for office entrance District-Wide.

·         New Emergency exit gates and/or alterations to existing exit gates for play fields at all sites.

·         Repair of District Office perimeter fence.

·         2 classrooms at each site will have TVs installed as a pilot.

·         Roofing replacements is planned at GMS and Loma Vista.


Development Phase - Planning will start on these projects this summer, work will likely be done at a later time.

·         Re-keying District-Wide.

·         District Office parking lot.

·         Utility Assessment.

·         Exterior light retrofit to LED and addition of controls District-Wide.

·         Some Interior lights retrofit to LED as prop 39 available funding allows.

·         Depending on pilot outcome TVs District-Wide in classrooms.


South Whittier School District was successful at the “Bond Election” that took place back in November of 2016. It was that election that issued up to a $29 million aggregated principal amount of the district’s general obligation bonds, or “Measure QS”. It is through this expenditure that the district is able to make necessary improvements throughout the district. The district also has a BOND Oversight Committee whose purpose is to review district expenditures of bond proceeds generated under Measure QS. 


The community can follow along with the district’s latest projects, before and after photos, and audit reports on their website.


Measure QS link: