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Aquarium of the Pacific Visits Loma Vista

Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach made a visit to Loma Vista Elementary Friday, April 6, to teach students about marine species and their environment.


Students were able to enjoy an assembly put on by the aquarium that was run by marine biologists. These ladies shared about many different marine animals, where they live, and the different types of environment that support them. 


The assembly was very interactive and allowed students to participate in answering questions about sea animals that is in correlation with their current science curriculum. Students also got to see life size replicas of a great white shark, elephant seal, and a leather back sea turtle.


After the assembly was over students were able to visit the mobil sea lab that was filled with multiple fish tanks. The tanks had many different species in them and students were able to take turns touching the animals. Some animals they were able to touch included sea urchins, sea stars, chestnut cowrie, aggregating anemone, small swell sharks, and much more.


This is the Aquarium of the Pacific’s second visit to Loma Vista this year. The previous visit was in the fall and the marine biologists taught about sea life and their adaptations.