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L.A. County to Feature a Video About Graves Middle School AVID Program

The L.A. County AVID Organization visited Graves Middle School last month to film a video about how the AVID and AVID Excel school wide programs have positively impacted students and teachers.


L.A. County sent a camera crew to Graves to interview students and teachers. The crew asked students how they have been positively impacted by AVID, how their grades have improved, and what specifically about AVID has transformed them into being a better student and leader. When they spoke with teachers, they asked about how they have seen AVID change their students in the classroom, as well as the culture of the entire school.


After interviews the crew was able to visit multiple classrooms to see the AVID program through instruction. 


"It was an honor having L.A. County videographers tape our outstanding AVID program,” Graves’ principal, Dr. Fraijo, stated. “The state of California and L.A. County have affirmed that our program is worthy of this great distinction and they will help us keep an electronic record of the things that make our program so strong."


While in the classroom the crew interviewed an AVID tutor. The tutor was also an AVID student in junior high and high school and is now currently studying at USC. He shared how AVID has pushed him to be a better student and how becoming a tutor is his way of giving back and helping students achieve the same academic success he has achieved.


The video about Graves Middle School’s school wide AVID program is scheduled to be published in May.