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SWSD February Board Meeting Recap

South Whittier School District held their monthly board meeting Tuesday, February 20, at the district office. The school board and administrators took time to recognize students and individuals for their outstanding achievements within our school community.


Assistance League of Whittier Recognition


The ladies from the Assistance League of Whittier were recognized at the district board meeting for their philanthropic work throughout the district. This year they have provided multiple events that have given South Whittier School District families free Target vouchers to purchase new school clothes, and also aid in dental care for students.


Los Altos Elementary Kindergarten Recognition


Los Altos Elementary principal, Genevieve Silebi, recognized 49 kindergartners for their perseverance in earning a spot in their accelerated reading club. Last year the AR Club consisted of about 5 kindergarten students, this year the club grew to 49.


Los Altos Elementary Parent & Staff Recognition


Los Altos principal also recognized parents, grandparents, and staff who have gone above and beyond to give their time to students. 



Shannon Yaun - Volunteers during morning breakfast

Blaine Woodward - volunteers during recess to teach guitar

Teresa Barto - goes above and beyond for PTA



Sandy Rodriguez

Mireya Garza

Khanh Nguyen

Idalia Santos

Fabiola Mondragon

Celene Lynch

Martha Palomares


Community Liaison Presentation


Stacy Ayers-Escarcega, Director of Assessment, Accountability, and Parent Engagement, presented the new Parent Engagement Program to the board. The program consists of a 17 month parent engagement plan and includes the new role of community liaisons. The objective of this program is to build trusting relationships with parents and guardians, help parents feel connected to their school, and connect families with school and community resources. 


Lake Marie Presents Focus Areas & School Goals


Lake Marie Elementary school principal, Lisa Palomino, presented to the board and administrators Lake Marie’s focus areas and school goals. Four of the focus areas are effective instruction exhibiting common core “shifts”, precise academic language, student engagement, and explicit feedback. These areas are meant to promote small group instruction, teacher differentiating instruction, effective use of content and domain specific academic vocabulary, structured collaboration and conversations, and lastly, explicit corrective with student opportunity to apply when they have been corrected.