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Graves Middle School AVID Excel Program Visits LBI Studios

Graves Middle School’s AVID Excel Program visited LBI Studios in Burbank Wednesday, November 29, for an educational tour of the television station.


The educational tour was led by the Senior Vice President of Client Content and Integration, Michael Sharon, and Vice President of Public Relations and Corporate Affairs, Marco Gonzalez. 


The students were given a behind the scenes look at what it takes to create a television station and program. They were taken to studio offices, sound stages, and were given the opportunity to have hands on experience with the equipment. 


During the tour the executives, Sharon and Gonzalez, spoke with the students about the hard work that it takes to create a television program and about the education and university degrees that are necessary for a career in the industry.


While at the station students had the opportunity to hear from some of the station’s most well-known members, Pepe Garza of the station’s show “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento” and Pedro Ferriz, who is a national and international news anchor. 


Pepe Garza emphasized to the students the importance of trying their best and working hard, and Pedro Ferriz spoke about the education and degrees needed to be a news reporter. Ferriz has a doctorate, two master degrees, and three bachelor degrees.


"We love to give our students opportunities to see how a college education can pay off,” said Graves’ principal Dr. Fraijo. “We want them to know that hard work and a good education can lead to a great career.”


LBI Studios is the home of Estrella TV channel 62 and Que Buena Radio Station. Estrella TV is the leading Spanish-language television station in the U.S.