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Mobile Dairy Classroom Visits Los Altos Elementary School

Los Altos Elementary School had a Mobile Dairy Classroom come and visit their campus and give an assembly to teach students about the production of milk and promote healthy eating habits on Tuesday, November 28.


The Mobile Dairy Classroom is an interactive assembly that brings a trailer with a full grown cow as well as a baby calf and teaches students the anatomy of the cow, the process of which milk is produced, and also discusses the five food groups and teaches about the benefits of healthy eating habits.


The assembly was interactive and encouraged the students to ask questions and participate in the dialogue about dairy products and the process of how milk is made. The students were also taught how to milk a cow and were given a live demonstration. After the assembly was over each student was given the opportunity to pet a baby calf named Ginger. 


After the assembly the teachers were given workbooks that are appropriate for each grade. Each workbook has curriculum focused on identifying each food group, how to select healthy snacks, and how to create a balanced meal with foods from at least three out of the five food groups.


The Mobile Dairy Classroom is a part of the Dairy Council of California, an organization that has been around since 1919. The organization’s mission is to teach nutrition education and to show California's dairy farming families and milk processors contribution to community health. The organization also provides free education programs and resources to schools and health professionals about the many benefits and uses of milk and milk products, and making the best eating choices from all the food groups.

https://healthyeating.org/About-Us Source: California Dairy Council