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South Whittier School District Holds BOND Oversight Committee Meeting

South Whittier School District held a BOND Oversight Committee meeting on Wednesday, October 25, to promote district transparency with project funding.


At this meeting the committee was informed about district wide projects and were also given copies of the District annual independent performance audit and annual independent financial audit reports for review. These reports demonstrate how and where district money is being spent.


After the review of funds, the committee was taken to each school site where projects have recently been finished or are currently being worked on. 


So far new wall mounted marquees have gone up at Carmela Elementary, Loma Vista, Los Altos, Monte Vista, and Lake Marie Elementary. New roofing has been done at Carmela, Lake Marie, Los Altos, and Monte Vista. New exterior paint at Monte Vista. Asphalt replacement at parking lots at Carmela’s front and back lot, Loma Vista’s parking lot and back road, Los Altos, Monte Vista, Lake Marie, and Mc Kibbon’s front and back lots.


South Whittier School District was successful at the “Bond Election” that took place back in November of 2016. It was that election that issued up to a $29 million aggregated principal amount of the District’s general obligation bonds, or “Measure QS”. The purpose of the BOND Oversight Committee is to review District expenditures of bond proceeds generated under Measure QS. 


“We want to spend the money to better our students,” Dr. Gonzales, superintendent of the district, stated as he address the committee. “It is so so important to have you involved.”


The district has future plans that include new laptops for all teachers, wifi in every classroom that is 4th grade and above, Chromebooks for every Graves Middle School student, projectors and much more. 


The district has also added a link to their website where the community can follow along with it’s latest projects and before and after photos.


Measure QS link: 



BOND Committee Chair:

Joe Duardo


Vice Chair

Rafael Gonzales Jr.


Committee Members:

Marcela Carrillo

Esmeralda Cruz

Alejandra Sanchez

Gabriel Trinidad

Clemente Villareal