GMS Hosts Second Annual Student Portfolio Day

Graves Middle School hosted their second Annual Student Portfolio Day on Friday, May 24, where AVID students showcased their work and engaged with community professionals in an interview process.


This event was an opportunity for AVID students to showcase their portfolio that consisted of their best work that represented them as an 8th grade student. Interviewers who attended the event had the opportunity to interview and engage in conversation with the students about their work and provided them with feedback. 43 AVID students participated in the event.


The event began with a welcome from SWSD’s Associate Superintendent of Human Resources, Dr. Marti Ayala. She welcomed all participants and interviewers and expressed her excitement for students and shared the importance of interviewing skills and how it is a life long skill. She also encouraged students to reflect on their strengths and learn how to express their strengths effectively. 


Before interviews began South Whittier’s Superintendent, Dr. Gary Gonzales, spoke to students and encouraged them to never surrender their dreams but to always work hard and keep pushing. He shared, “When the hard times come up, and they will, your skills and assets will get you through those hard times. I wish you guys all the best.”


Community partners that interviewed students consisted of employees from the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier, Walt Disney Animation, State Farm, Cerritos College, Pepsi Co, Law Enforcement, and many other local organizations. 


Each interview was ten to fifteen minutes long and consisted of a variety of questions. Questions included why they chose a particular piece of work, how that piece represented them, and what process they went through to develop each piece. Students were also given both verbal and written feedback through a “Glows and Grow” form. Students were given feedback based on professional appearance, eye contact, body language, expressing ideas clearly and confidently, and the student’s handshake and greeting. There was room for interviewers to provide additional feedback as well.