LA County Environmental Defenders Visit Los Altos Elementary

Los Altos Elementary School welcomed representatives from the Environmental Defenders Rock the Planet organization Tuesday, May 14, for an assembly called “You Can Change the World” in their school cafeteria to learn about possible solutions students can do themselves to help reduce pollution.


The Environmental Defenders are from the LA County Department of Public Works and they put together a high energy assembly for students. The assembly showed students how to identify environmental problems and possible solutions that they can participate in. They educated attendees about how to recycle, reduce, reuse, and rethink. They also covered topics like stormwater pollution prevention, how to properly dispose household hazardous waste, and water conservation.


The assembly was very interactive and included music that inspired and engaged students. Students also got to participate by singing, dancing, and chanting along with assembly hosts.


This was a free 30 minute assembly sponsored by the LA County Department of Public Works and is available for all elementary schools in LA County. Their mission is to inspire kids to take action and protect the environment.


You can find more information about the Environmental Defenders here.