SWSD Parent Recognized with WASA Community Services Award

South Whittier School District parent, Mr. Tobar, was awarded the WASA Community Service Award earlier this month.


WASA, or the Whittier Association for School Administrators, recognizes exceptional individuals annually. Their award “recognizes outstanding educational administrators and individuals in other professions who have made extraordinary contributions to K–12 education.”


Mr. Tobar is a parent at Carmela Elementary School. Tobar has been part of the Carmela community for the past five years. He has been an avid participant in both school and district events. He consistently attends ELAC and School Site Council meetings and represents Caremla at DELAC, which is the District English Learner Advisory Committee. He also volunteers as a greeter every morning. 


Carmela principal, Ms. Hartl, shared about Mr. Tobar at the Community Service award ceremony saying, “Beyond the school gates, Mr. Tobar extends his welcoming demeanor by inviting families to attend school events or ensuring everyone knows what is coming up; he's always working to bring people together. His proactive approach to communication ensures that parents are informed and involved in upcoming activities. Furthermore, Mr. Tobar's kindness extends beyond the school. His willingness to assist those in need outside of school is commendable. He's there for other families during tough times, offering both practical assistance and emotional support. He's undoubtedly a pillar of strength for our community. His dedication, compassion, and selflessness make him a deserving Community Service Award recipient.”


In addition to the WASA Community Service award ceremony, Mr. Tobar was also recognized for his tremendous contributions by the South Whittier School District Board at their March board meeting.


Congratulations, Mr. Tobar!