SWSD Holds Annual Spelling Bee

South Whittier School District held its annual Spelling Bee on Thursday, January 25, at Loma Vista Elementary.


Spelling Bee contestants consisted of the top four spellers from grades fourth through sixth from each elementary school in the district. Each elementary school held its own Spelling Bee the past couple of months to determine its top four spellers.


During the event, all participants went through many vigorous rounds, but in the end, the top three spellers in the district were awarded. Two of the spellers were from Los Altos Elementary and the first-place speller was from Carmela Elementary School.


First Place: Leah Guillen, Carmela, 4th Grade

Second Place: Aiden Lopez, Los Altos, 5th Grade

Third Place: Lyra Galindo, Los Altos, 4th Grade


"Spelling Bees helps students improve their spelling skills, vocabulary, cognitive abilities, and learning strategies,” Associate Superintendent of Human Resources, Dr. Martin Ayala, shared. “In addition to the academic benefits, students also develop important lifelong skills that will help them as they advance in schooling and eventually into successful careers."


The Spelling Bee winner, Leah Guillen, will move on to represent South Whittier School District in the LACOE Spelling Bee that will be held on March 20, 2024.