SWSD Holds Partner Meeting to Seek Input for LCAP

South Whittier School District held an LCAP Partners Input Meeting on Tuesday, November 7, at the district office to engage with community stakeholders regarding input on the development of the LCAP.


The district invited families, staff and community members to attend the partners meeting to provide input on the development of the Local Control Accountability Plan, or LCAP. The LCAP is a cycle that repeats every three years and provides direction on how funds are utilized to support student achievement. In developing this plan for the new cycle, the district is holding multiple meetings to give stakeholders the opportunity to provide input as they believe educator partner input is essential to the process.


The meeting began with a summary of LCAP goals, metrics and actions. LCAP goal topics include culture and climate, continuous improvement, educator leadership, family and community engagement, and multi-tiered system of support. 


They then moved onto the activity portion of the meeting, which allowed groups to review action items, discuss, and provide input. During this portion they asked attendees to share what activity supports they highly recommend continuing, what they recommend discontinuing, and what supports should be added and why. Each group had an assigned staff member that took notes of everyone’s input. 


At the end of the meeting each group shared their thoughts with all attendees. 


This was the second of four meetings that the district will hold for partner input. The next meeting will be held on January 23, 2023. After all meetings have taken place the district will present a plan to the board in June 2024.