SWSD Participates in Autism Awareness Month

April was Autism Acceptance Month and South Whittier School District was proud to support the observance by teaching students about character traits that will help them become more socially and emotionally aware.


Autism Acceptance Month takes place throughout April and includes observances to highlight individuals identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ASD is a disability that can cause social, communication, and behavior difficulties.


In the month of April, schools throughout the district celebrated differences and displaying empathy as a way to increase understanding, acceptance, and support for all students.


SWSD teachers played a short video for students in their classrooms called “Amazing Things Happen.” This video shares about differences, perspectives, and how all brains work differently. These differences can allow everyone to feel different things, learn in different ways, and can effect senses and how one perceives and reads situations and interactions. This video shares a bit about autism and even demonstrated how someone with autism may see and hear their surrounding and how their senses can be impacted. Lastly, the video shares about how friends can support people with ASD.


Teachers also completed a mini lesson for their students in order to help increase the school community’s exposure and understanding of ASD. The SWSD Wellness Team, consisting of Social Workers and School Psychologists, also lead lunchtime activities for students that promoted the celebration of unique characteristics in all students.