SWSD Teachers Participate in a Writer’s Workshop

South Whittier School District teachers got to participate in a Writer’s Workshop at Loma Vista Elementary on Tuesday, September 13.


The purpose of this training workshop was to increase rigor in writing instruction. During the workshop teachers got to come together, work collaboratively, and have meaningful discussions. They were able to observe a writing workshop being done with a classroom of students. This opportunity gave helpful pointers that teachers could bring into their own classrooms.


During the demonstration portion of the workshop the lead teacher held a writer workshop with students focusing on the process of writing. Each student was given a paper and was encouraged to think about a time in their life when they felt a big emotion. Once they thought of their emotion, they were encouraged to draw a picture of what they thought about. The teacher then used language that helped students to navigate through the writing process and help them to develop their thoughts into their writing. Lastly, students were able to share what they wrote about.


Associate Superintendent of Educational Services, Dr. Rebecca Rodriguez, shared “We noticed that students were not writing at grade level. We were missing volume, purpose and the love of writing. We are starting slow to go fast. For this reason we are beginning with a district-wide Community of Practice (CoP) where we asked volunteer teachers to participate in the learning this year. A total of 36 teachers registered and all of our dual immersion teachers will partake in this learning this year, with the intention to implement district-wide next school year.”


Under the guidance of Literacy Partners, SWSD teachers will be able to master the craft of teaching writing in three genres: narrative, informational, and opinion writing. All three of these genres of writing are of great importance when it comes to state testing. 


“Beginning in TK, we will increase the rigor of writing and prepare our students to be lifelong writers of different genres,” Dr. Rodriguez shared. 


“Teachers will engage in planning, observing, co-teaching in a lab-study session together. The implementation process will be very thoughtful and purposeful to ensure every student at SWSD understands the standards in writing and the purpose of writing.”