SWSD June Board Meeting Recap

South Whittier School District held their monthly board meeting on Tuesday, June 14, in the district board room.


The meeting was held both in-person and via Zoom. The Board and attendees heard two presentations. First, a Local Control and Accountability Plan Annual update and second, the 2022-2023 proposed budget.


Local Control and Accountability Plan and Annual Update


Director of Assessments, Accountability & Parent Engagement, Dr. Reanna Mendoza, shared a presentation regarding the Local Control and Accountability Plan and Annual update, or known as the LCAP.


Dr. Mendoza shared what the LCAP process is, which includes the development phase, adoption, implementation, and review. She also shared about LCAP educator partners and who they receive input from throughout the process. This includes DELAC/PAC, SWTA/CSEA, WACSEP SELPA, students, principals, certificated and classified staff, and the community.


Dr. Mendoza went on to share the five LCAP goals along with the actions taken to meet those goals. The goals includes creating a safe and inclusive culture and climate, continuous improvement, educator leadership, family and community engagement, and a multi-tiered system of support.


Lastly, the presentation shared a budget overview which included funding sources and the proposed budget. 


2022-2023 Proposed Budget


Associate Superintendent of Business Services, Aubrey Craig, shared a presentation to the Board about the proposed budget for the 2022-2023 school year.


He opened the presentation by sharing how the budget is impacted, which includes student enrollment and daily student attendance. He then went on to share revenue and expenditure assumptions and gave a break down of both restricted and unrestricted funds. 


Craig then provided the Board with a visual of what the General Fund Revenue Budget will be, as well as the General Fund Expenditures for 2022-2023.


The District will hold their next board meeting on Tuesday, June 21, in the district board room and via Zoom.