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Los Altos Students Tune In for AquaSmart Live-Stream Assembly

Los Altos Elementary held a virtual AquaSmart live-stream assembly on Friday, April 24, for their students to learn about water safety through a fun puppet show.


The assembly was offered to all Los Altos students through a private and safe youtube link. Students were able to access the link at 9:00 a.m. to tune into the live-stream assembly.


AquaSmart Live! Puppet Show is an organization who’s mission is to teach kids how to be safe in and around California waterways. The assembly teaches students everything they need to know about water safety. They teach safety precautions like learning to swim, wearing a life jacket, looking before you leap, and other life saving lessons through their puppet show.


During the puppet show students learned all about why it is important to learn how to swim and the puppets showed students a variety of scenarios that support its importance. They also learned the importance of having a life jacket that fits properly and were able to learn how to check to see if a life jacket is the proper size for them.


The show shared with students the importance of looking before they leap into water. For example, they should always look for things like rocks or trees or shallow water before they jump into water. Lastly, the puppets talked to the students about boat safety and how alcohol and boating never mix.


The AquaSmart Water Safety live-stream show is a free program for students in K through 3rd grade that is sponsored by the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways.