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SWSD March Board Meeting Recap

South Whittier School District held their monthly board meeting Tuesday, March 10, at the district office. There were four presentations that took place. The first was a recognition from McKibben Elementary for students and teachers. The second presentation was from Los Altos principal regarding student achievement and their action plan. Another presentation was regarding the California Healthy Youth Act and lastly, the board received the second interim financial report.


McKibben Student & Teacher Recognition


McKibben Elementary principal, Jan Tyrone, had a variety of recognitions at this month’s board meeting. First she recognized 5th grade teachers, Ms. Howard and Ms. Flowers, for their remarkable work with fifth grade students that have resulted in their students exceeding the state average on their California Science Test, CAST.


The second recognition was for McKibben students who have shown exceptional growth on their Star 360 testing. Students improved their testing scores by 100 points or more with one student improving their score by almost 300 points!


The next recognition was for teachers and staff who have been a great support with implementing and being part of the House System at McKibben. This system is a PBIS inspired system that creates community with students in every grade level. Mrs. Tyrone shared that these staff members have been leaders in changing school culture at McKibben. The teachers recognized were Ms. Pentel, Mr. Lasoya, Ms. Westbrook, Ms. Gonzales,  and Ms. McDade.


The last recognition was two beloved McKibben teachers who will be retiring this year, Ms. Pentel and Ms. Howard. Thank you both for your impact on students and all you’ve done for our district!


Los Altos Elementary Student Achievement Presentation


Los Altos Elementary principal, Genevieve Silebi, did a presentation on student achievement, CAASPP data, and their action plan.


The presentation shared data regarding areas of student achievement and areas for growth. Mrs. Silebi first shared that Los Altos is unique since they are a school with grade levels from TK to third grade and students take the CAASPP test for the first time in third grade. When evaluating data the school board got to see CAASPP data but they also saw STAR 360 English Language Arts (ELA) and math data to show how students are growing over time.


After Mrs. Silebi shared data about student achievement she shared about Los Altos’ goals and next steps. In ELA goals included growing 10% on CAASPP and STAR 360 data. Their action plan included standard-based planning, oral language development, designated ELD block for all students, listening comprehension, and much more.


Los Altos math goals include increasing by 10% on CAASPP and STAR 360 data. Their action plan includes using data to inform instruction, CGI problem solving, counting collections, focus on building conceptual understanding, and much more.



California Healthy Youth Act AB 329


Associate Superintendent of Educational Services, Martha Mestanza-Rojas, did a presentation regarding the California Healthy Youth Act AB 329 which is comprehensive sexual health education that is taught once in middle school and once in high school.


This education must be age-appropriate, medically accurate, and addresses the needs of all students. Mrs. Rojas also shared with the board that parents do have an opt-out option. Rojas 

talked about what the content topics of the education are, shared about the advisory committee, and how the district will communicate with parents and guardians prior to instruction.


2019-2020 Second Interim Report


Chief Business Officer, Mark Keriakous, did a presentation of South Whittier School District’s second interim report for the 2019-2020 year.


Mr. Keriakous first shared with the board about the district’s assumptions. This included the district’s revenue and expenditures. Next, he spoke about this budget year’s financial status and the board saw the district’s unrestricted general fund projected revenue, multi-year projections, budget stabilization plan, budget calendar, and next steps . 


The next board meeting will be on Tuesday, April 21, at 6 PM at the district office.