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Ellie the Elephant Comes to Los Altos To Share About Empathy and Kindness

Los Altos Elementary got a special visit from Ellie a robotic elephant on Thursday, February 6, to teach students about empathy and kindness towards all living beings. 


Ellie the Elephant is a six and a half foot robotic elephant who is an “ambassador for all animals” and her mission is “to inspire kids to see past the differences between humans and other animals and to treat all sentient beings—regardless of their species—the way they wish to be treated.”


Students got to hear Ellie talk about the importance of showing empathy to all living beings. She encouraged kindness and told students that bullying is never acceptable. After students heard from Ellie, representatives from PETA shared about how students can practice empathy and how by practicing empathy often, their own empathy for one another can grow. 


Students also participated in identifying things that are living beings and nonliving beings. They practiced making a list of living beings like a dog, cat, and dolphin. Then they listed nonliving things such as a car, book, or rock. They were encouraged to respect all living creatures and to put themselves in their shoes, practice empathy, and treat living beings with kindness.


After the assembly teachers were given resources to help students practice identifying living and nonliving beings.


Ellie the Elephant is a part of PETA’s, people for the ethical treatment of animals, campaign to educate students across the country about living and nonliving beings and how to treat living beings with empathy and kindness.


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