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Los Altos Elementary Host Music Class Performances

Los Altos Elementary held their music class performances on Tuesday, December 10, at their school for family and friends to come, see, and hear everything that their students have been learning for the past six weeks.


Students have been attending their music class once a week for six weeks. The program is called The Caribbean Drum Circle Music Enrichment Program.


In each class students play a variety of percussion instruments including the cowbell, shakers, and drums. They learn to play and mimic rhythmic patterns, play with proper hand and stick technique, respond to start and stop cues, and students learn the basic musical rhythms and notes. 


During the performance their music teacher read a story to the audience and students played music that went along with the emotion and feeling of the story. When the story became sad the music reflected that emotion, when it got scary the music reflected that as well, and so on. Students played all the instruments that they have been working with.


These classes are designed to provide students with skills to help them gain a greater sense of musicality, confidence, focus, and the ability to play collectively as a team with one another.