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Loma Vista Elementary Hosts Science Night

Loma Vista Elementary held a Science Night on Wednesday, April 17, at their school to educate students and parents about the scientific process to help prepare them for their upcoming science project.


5th graders will be doing a science project that is due May 28, so this night’s purpose was to educate students and parents about the scientific method, provide hands-on experience conducting experiments, to provide ideas for future areas of study, and to motivate students to “open the door” and participate.


The night began with a presentation by 5th grad teacher, Ms. Radley,  about the scientific process. She shared about the “problem” or the question that the students will be exploring and learning about. She went on to explain expectations for student’s research, hypothesis, materials, procedures, results, and conclusions. The presentation also included how students should create their science journals and put together their display boards. 


Once each area of the scientific process was explained, the rules of the science project were shared as well as a checklist that can help students stay organized and on time with their project.


After the presentation all attendees were able to participate in hands-on science experiments. There were seven experiments they could participate in. Experiments included; the dissolving rate of a solid, the expansion size of gas, the strength of a magnet, light refraction, the force of gravity, acid and base pH levels, and how length affects the pitch of sound.


All attendees were given a packet with all vital science project information. Packets also included life science and physical science project ideas, and a rubric for how judges will score student’s science projects.