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CAASPP: Learning About Student Expectations


With this year’s CAASPP tests soon approaching, here are some resources that may help you know what your student’s grade level expectations are in English Language Arts, or ELA, and math.


The California Department of Education, or CDE, have guides to the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments provided for parents on their website. These guides can help explain both the skill and knowledge that each student is expected to learn each year they are in school. 


On the website the CDE explains CAASPP scoring as well as resources to understanding each score and what they mean. There are videos and articles available in both Spanish and English.


Practice tests are also available on the website as an additional resource for students to prepare for the upcoming assessments. 


The tests are part of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress System, or better known as CAASPP, and are one element of information that helps teachers, parents, and the student understand how well the student is meeting their grade level’s expectations.


The Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment tests will be taken in April and May. Please check with your student’s school to see know their specific test dates.


ELA and Math Expectation Resources:



For Additional Information About CAASPP: