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Author of The Oracle Series Visits Graves Middle School

Chad Trisef, author of The Oracle Series, visited South Whittier’s Graves Middle School on Thursday to share about what inspired him to write the series and to promote entertaining literature that’s appropriate for all ages.


Chad began the assembly by sharing with students that he was inspired by his favorite childhood cartoon, DuckTales. Real-life mystery, treasuring hunting, and adventure seeking all influenced him to want to one day create fictional stories based on real life mysteries.


He then shared about his books with a brief synopsis and introduction to each main character. He went on to explain that The Oracle Series is a series of five books that all adventure into real geographical mysteries such as the Bermuda Triangle and the Lost City of Atlantis. It also explores different scientific elements like water, wind, and fire and encourage values such as forgiveness, charity, and freedom. 


After sharing some scientific facts that are discovered throughout the book, Chad went on to demonstrate radio waves by having the students use their phones to comment on a picture from the books Instagram page. This demonstration showed how quickly radio waves move and how it’s a powerful scientific force that we cannot see. The winner who’s “radio wave” or comment posted first on the Instagram picture won a free signed book.


After the assembly was over, Chad Trisef stuck around to sign books and take photos with the students, and also shared some inside information about the final two books in the series that will be coming out over the next few years.

https://www.trisef.com Source: Trisef Books