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Los Altos 1st Graders Get Hands-On With Science On the Go

Los Altos Elementary first graders had a hands-on science experience when Science On the Go came to their school on Friday, May 31, to teach them how to inquire, observe, and discover with interactive activities.


Science On the Go is a traveling hands-on science assembly whose mission is to bring California state science standard-based educational programs to schools through out Southern California. They focus on creating appropriate curriculum for each grade level they serve that is in line with what they are learning in their classroom.


During the assembly students got to participate in three stations. Station one included an art project that had students stenciling different types of insects. Students were able to choose from a variety of insects to create including butterflies, scorpions and much more. Station two taught students about the cycle of growth of a frog and they created a diagram to display it’s five stages of transformation from being an egg to an adult. Station three had students creating a four part diagram of the transformation of a butterfly. This taught students how a butterfly begins as an egg and grows to a larva, pupa, and adult.


After students were able to visit each station they saw a live display of both live and preserved specimen. The display included skeletons of various insects and amphibians. They also saw live silk worms, butterflies, and beetles.


During the assembly students received a presentation and lessons that were in line with what they were learning in their classroom and had the opportunity to learn and use new scientific vocabulary.