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2020-21 School Year Educational Programs » Virtual Learning Academy Program

Virtual Learning Academy Program

Click here to sign up for this program: https://swhittier.aeries.net/student/LoginParent.aspx
What is the Virtual Learning Academy Program?
  • An internet-based program that takes place in an interactive learning environment created through technology
  • The learning would be designed for your child and allows him to continue learning while safe at home. 
Even if your child’s school is in session in the fall, you may choose to keep your child learning at home by participating in this program.  This program allows you to stay connected with your school of residence in South Whittier, while still being enrolled in an independent study program within the school.  Independent study courses are offered for students in grades K-8.  This program could be utilized in conjunction with existing special education services. Courses are delivered using a course “learning management system” through the Internet and available to students 24/7.  Students are actively engaged in online discussions and learn to track messages, submit documents electronically, and meet online with teachers through a “virtual classroom”.

Common Questions about SWSD's Virtual Learning Academy Program:

Will I have to login every day?
Students are required to login to each course at least once every day. Students must stay on task, meet deadlines, and seek help from the teacher when needed.  Since students have access 24 hours a day, it is suggested that students check the course frequently to view new announcements and discussion postings. Students will meet with a certificated teacher at 8:30 everyday, will have access to support staff, and will have daily lessons to participate in and complete.

When do classes begin & end? 
Online courses begin and end with the school’s academic calendar each year. The commitment is based on a trimester basis. The first review will be in December to determine if the student should continue in the program from January- March. The final review will be March - June.

Who will teach the online classes?
Courses are taught by highly-qualified teachers who promote engagement in the online environment. Teachers strive to foster an online community within their classes. A teacher from SWSD will check in regularly with you and will be your connection to your school of residence. 
Is there a cost to take the course? 
These courses are being offered for free.  We ask that the family should have internet service available.  However, a device or hotspot can be provided to families that meet the qualifying criteria. 

Will there be other students online with my child?
No, the assignments and curriculum are provided to meet the needs of your child and are geared towards your child’s learning levels.  This program will look very different than the Distance Learning Program.  Click here to watch demos of how this program works for students. 
Program for TK-5, Accelerate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iCMmLwbPhs

Will my child have to take the mandatory state assessments?
Yes, we will still ask your child to report to the school site a few times per year to take the mandatory state assessments. 

What happens if I need technical assistance? 
We will provide you with contact information to our IT department, a teacher on campus, and the learning management program to help you if you need assistance. 

If my child currently attends another school district, can they attend SWSD’s Virtual Learning Academy Program?  
Yes. We will accept all students who are interested in attending our program from other districts who have filed out paperwork for an inter-district transfer release.  

Click here to sign up for this program: https://swhittier.aeries.net/student/LoginParent.aspx