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2020-21 School Year Educational Programs » Hybrid Instructional Program

Hybrid Instructional Program

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What is the Hybrid Instructional Program?
  • The face-to-face instruction that students require two days a week in an environment where the school is practicing social distancing and enforcing public health guidelines. Students are assigned to either Cohort A: Tuesday and Thursday face-to-face instruction or Cohort B: Wednesday and Friday instruction. Siblings will be grouped in the same cohort.
  • The learning would be designed for your child and allows him to continue learning while safe at home for 3 days per week.
This program permits your child to report to school two times per week in a classroom with desks six feet apart. Considering this, class sizes will be small. The other half of the class reports on the opposite days; therefore, the teacher is teaching daily. Students will be provided a device to participate in Distance Learning 3 days per week. The lessons will be assigned by the teacher and the student will be expected to join Zoom lessons during these days and keep up with the at-home assignments.
Common Questions about the Hybrid Instructional Program:
How long will my child participate in the Hybrid Instructional Program?
At the beginning of the year, this option will begin in 100% Distance Learning, but will transition to Hybrid just as soon as it is safe to do so. Likewise, if we have enough families that are interested in our Virtual Academy Program, we may not need a Hybrid Instructional Program, and we could move back to asking students to report to school 5 days per week as early as October, 2020.
Will students have recess?
Recess will look very different for our students. They will only be permitted to play with the students in their class. They will have assigned areas on the playground to play. They will not be allowed to share equipment like balls. We are implementing a program called Peaceful Playgrounds and training our noon duty aides on different ways to run recess considering the social distancing guidelines that we must follow.
Will my child have to take the mandatory state assessments?
Yes, state assessments are scheduled to continue. We will do our best to test students on their assigned day, but on some occasions we may be asking you to bring in your child for testing appointments.
Will my child need to wear a mask at school?
Yes, face coverings are expected from all students while they are on campus. Please have your child arrive to school with a mask. In some cases, there will be students with certain medical conditions or special needs that will be provided flexibility and other accommodations. This can be discussed with the principal.

How will the schools maintain social distancing?
Class sizes will be small with desks placed six feet apart. Whenever students play or walk in line, they will be trained to leave 6 ft. of space between them and the other person. Arrows are being placed on the ground and in stairways to show common direction for foot traffic.

How are you going to minimize the amount of contact with multiple children to limit exposure?
Students will learn, eat, and play with the same cohort of students everyday. Students will not mingle with other classes during breaks and lunch.

If the students are not able to gather in large groups, how will lunch and breakfast be served?
There will be “grab breakfast” stations throughout the school in the morning and students will have an assigned place on campus to eat each morning. Lunch will be delivered to the student’s eating location. Students will eat at same table daily with social distancing with their class. Lunches will be staggered so smaller groups are eating at the same time.

Will you screen students for COVID before they enter the campus each day?
Yes, everyday students will have their temperature checked before coming onto campus. If students have a fever, they are placed into a quarantine and will not be allowed to report to class. We would also ask parents to also take their child’s temperature before sending them to school.

What are some of the disinfection practices will be in place?
Frequently touched areas such as door handles will be disinfected throughout the day. Each classroom will be disinfected daily. Students will be asked to frequently wash their hands. Handwashing stations and hand sanitizers will be available throughout each campus. We are also beginning to install touchless sink stations.

What happens if I need technical assistance while my student is learning at home?
We will provide you with contact information to our IT department, a teacher on campus, and the learning management program to help you if you need assistance.
Click here to sign up for this program: https://swhittier.aeries.net/student/LoginParent.aspx